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New Beni Suef Co. For Preservation, Dehydration and Industrialization of Vegetables Shinnawy is an Egyptian food industrial company based in Cairo, dedicated to providing high quality dehydrated onion with standard class services to international clients. Founded in 1996 our company today conducts business on a global scale. The company is specifically focused on supplying the international market with dehydrated onion and garlic which is grown, dehydrated and packaged in accordance with international food codes as well as the highest quality standards.

Mr. Ibrahim El Shinnawy, President of the board of directors, New Beni Suef Co. started his way in the field of onion dehydration in 1953 and established our first company in 1977 "Port Said Co. for dehydration of vegetables".

Since then it has been a leading processor of dehydrated onion in Egypt. In 1996, we extended our activities to cover the exporting requirements of dehydrated onion through establishing the New Beni Suef Co. for preservation, dehydration and industrialization of vegetables.

Our factory is located in New Beni Suef City at the east of the Nile River with its unique clean atmosphere, media and prompt shipment's potential. In addition, our close cooperation with agricultural producers enables us to assure effective quality control during the production of fresh onion. Dehydrated onion and garlic with different types i.e. Rings, Slices, Kibbled, Chopped, Minced, Granulated, powder and others represent the main products in our company making us specialists in dehydrated onion and garlic production.



  • Providing high quality dehydrated onion throughout the year to markets worldwide.
  • Utilizing modernized and cleaner technology and incorporating emission controls and waste treatment mechanisms to optimize operations, reduce waste and conserve the environment.
  • In addition to our own in-house research facility, the company works closely with local and international research bodies active in the field of dehydration to develop and innovated products that meet or exceed preferences of various markets, in a cost effective manner.
  • Educating our growers and farmers on sustainable farming practices, Good Agricultural Practicies (GAP) and post-harvest best managment practices.


  • Since human resources are the most important factors in production, Shinnawy's top managment makes human resources the company's top priority and the main cornerstone of success.
  • Human resources development includes hiring high caliber employees, skills enhancement, comprehensive medical care, and complementary social and family support.



Good Agriculture Practice


Global Standard For Food Safety



ISO 14001

Environmental Managment Systems

ISO 22000

Food Safety Managment Systems

OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety Managment Systems





Agricultural Technology

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

  • • Planning agricultural programmes according to Shinnawy’s requirements.
  • • Choosing raw agricultural materials and rationalizing the use of agricultural requirements.
  • • Laying down the work tools during the agricultural cycle and harvesting procedures.
  • • Choosing the packing procedures and transportation in the manufacturing site.
  • • Providing training programmes to agricultural manpower.

Industrial Technology

The building of the company is in line with the standards of HACCP. All the machines in the production line comply with the specification of the food industry. Our machinery i.e. Dehydrators represent one of the newest technologies in the processing of dehydrated onion and garlic.

It allows us to achieve high quality through continuous process control. All stages of the manufacturing are electronically controlled and computerized.

This guarantees that our dehydrated products compare favourably to generally accepted customer's chemical, bacteriological and organoleptic specifications.

In addition, our processing and technical departments are supplied with very highly qualified people who work all the time to develop new techniques to each customer's individual requirements.


Careful application of onion sanitation as well as strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is evident at all stages of manufacturing process.

To us, commitment to service begins right in the field with cautious utilization of fertilizers and pesticides. This ensures a consistent high quality harvest of the best nutritional and pharmaceutical properties.

Chemical, physical, ogranoleptic and microbiological analysis, monitoring and random inspections are of paramount importance prior, during and after providing the end-product.

All the analysis is done inside our company's certified laboratories by highly qualified staff.

From time to time, all our obtained analysis data are checked/revised by international universities for further confirmation.


At Shinnawy, a lot of time and effort have been invested in research and process development during the past few years.

Our plans for the upcoming years provide for an increase in R&D allocations.

Shinnawy is regularly examining roles that new product will play in the growth of the company. In order to promote the speed and effectiveness of our future new product development efforts.

Our Commitments

  • - Developing new products.
  • - Placing a bigger emphasis on training.
  • - Improving market research.
  • - Upgrading quality standards.


Our company exports different types of dehydrated onion and garlic to many countries all over the world.

Some of these countries include Japan, France, Germany, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, South Africa. Very soon we shall expand our exporting activities to include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E, and Venezuela.

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Adminstration Office: 34, 26 July Street, Lebanon Sq. Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt

Factory: 12 & 13 Light Industries Zone, Beni Suef El Guedida City (Nile East), Beni Suef, Egypt

Office Tel: +(202) 3304 40 01 - 3304 40 02

Office Fax: +(202) 304 40 05

Factory Tel: +(2082) 224 07 47 - 244 03 05

Factory Fax: +(2082) 224 13 05